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Numerous people seek the most practical and promising method to exchange Tether USDT stablecoin in the BEP-20 network for Monero cryptocurrency. It will not be likely to carry out the conversion directly; the services of mediators will be needed:

  • crypto exchanges. The benefit of working with crypto exchanges is high protection, but buyers will have to face several inconveniences. Numerous users have problems making orders; transactions are often taken out with waits and high transaction fees. Furthermore, clients cannot perform trades anonymously; signup and confirmation are required on the exchange;
  • p2p sites. This applies to cooperation with private individuals, but it can be dangerous and unprofitable;
  • TG channels and private money changers. It’s not worth beginning to work with private money changers and TG channels since there is a high chance of forgery due to the lack of regulation and inflated charges for trades;
  • electronic exchangers are the most suitable and appealing for exchanging USDT to XMR. They present good terms of cooperation: contemporary rates, low commissions, ample rewards, large foreign exchange reserves and round-the-clock work.

So, collaboration with online exchangers is the most preferable for numerous users. You can fast choose a suitable exchange service on the resource and exchange Tether BEP20 (USDT) to Monero (XMR) under the most satisfactory requirements.

The monitoring platform hosts only confirmed and trustworthy services that have been tested for transparency in service provision. Thus, safe association is assured. Each resource has genuine reviews that you can effortlessly read before completing a trade.

How to select an exchanger

When selecting an exchanger, pay attention to the next suggestions:

  • check the commission size and the existing crypto trade rate. Please state that the underlying fee may be included in the exchange rate, and this may differ between exchange services;
  • ensure that the exchanger has a satisfactory reserve of Tether TRC20 (USDT) stablecoins to carry out large transactions within a single transaction;
  • Make sure you stay within your trade volume limitations. This is crucial to be able to carry out procedures in the needed volume without delays;
  • check for extra expenses that the exchanger may charge for providing services. Look for opportunities with little or no commission;
  • Find out the terms of the reward program; it can be beneficial for frequent conversions.

The portal offers a rating of online Exchanges sites, among which you can effortlessly select the most suitable recommendation. After this, you must go to the resource's official website to conclude a promising bargain.

How to make a deal

Before swapping USDT for Monero, you must carefully review the cooperation regulations with the exchange service. This will bypass unpredictable issues and misconceptions.

Then, you are required to choose the direction of exchange, fill out the application, provide up-to-date information, and make sure there are no errors before submitting the form for consideration. After this, reach a representative of the exchanger to obtain the elements of the crypto wallet to which you should send the needed amount of Monero.

Pay the application within the specified period and wait for the corresponding USDT to be credited to your crypto wallet. If you have any questions, you can reach our technical support staff for advice.

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